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I Teach Individuals and Organizations How to Build Reputation at Scale


Kelly Burton is an author, community-builder and Linkedin phenom where she has logged 600,000+ views in 2019 alone.

Kelly Burton is a Linkedin guru and the author of “How I Used the World’s Largest Professional Network to Build a Nationally-Recognized Brand.” Her authentic, value-chocked content has garnered her over 20K connections, making her among the Top 1% of Linkedin Users.  Since the start of 2019, her content has logged over a half million views.

When she’s not creating premium content, Kelly leads a national community of entrepreneurs, Founders of Color, dedicated to helping diverse entrepreneurs scale their business. Additionally, she is the owner of Nexus Research Group, a non-profit consultancy founded in 2009.  Kelly currently serves as a mentor for numerous entrepreneur communities including SXSW Pitch, Praxis Labs and Echoing Green. She is a contributor to HuffPost, the recipient of numerous awards and designations and is a seasoned speaker, moderator and facilitator.


Kelly holds a PhD in Political Science from Emory University and a Bachelors Degree from Clark Atlanta University.


•    Developing an entrepreneur mindset.

•    Reputation Building at Scale: How I use Linkedin to create meaningful content and build community.

•    Getting beyond your fear to build a life that makes a difference.

•    How to achieve "staying power" as an entrepreneur. 

•    Keeping it Real: How I use authenticity to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.


Mastering Linkedin: How I Used the World's Largest Professional Network to Build a Nationally Recognized Personal Brand


Ultimately, this blueprint will enable you to use Linkedin with intention – building the network of your dreams - all while increasing your exposure, credibility and reach.

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Kelly is no stranger to the stage.

Her value-chocked content, authentic delivery and captivating stage presence make her a hit with any crowd. 

Kelly Burton's Keynote - 500 Startups
Explaining the Racial Wealth Gap




“I was comfortable with incremental change, but Kelly challenged me to think beyond my limited experiences."

- Taneisha Lee, Entrepreneur 

“Kelly is inspirational! Her energetic, optimistic, and focused attitude is contagious and is definitely the kind of person you want to be around to keep you moving forward and in line with your vision.


- Carmen Kimper, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

"Kelly is engaging, inspiring and one smart lady. I highly recommend her as a speaker." 

- Kim Kennedy, Director of Sales 

“Kelly commands the room while authentically connecting with her audience. Kelly's candor and clarity of message connects and inspires others to take action in moving their own businesses forward.”


- Eric Holtzclaw, Author & Growth Strategist

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